*Sump Pump Product Review*
By: Jaden
13 December 2010

I bought this sump pump for pumping out holes on tower sites. As wet as it's been in the northeast this fall it's rather impossible to work in a hole full of water and put forms together and pour cement. When pumping out a muddy hole, simply make sure it's lying on its side and it won't suck up much mud.

This one also sucks water down to 1/8" of an inch depth. It's a manual pump meaning it doesn't have a float switch to turn it on and off. I can always build one of those if I have the need. It’s also designed to be anti air lock.

This one comes with an adapter to hook up to a garden hose. The outlet from the pump is actually 1.25” NPT diameter so it could attach to a full size line which would allow a faster output rate.

I haven't used this pump a lot but what I have it's worked fine. For what time I have used it I recommend it.

Rise in feet 0 5 10 15 20
CAPACITY Gallons/Hour 1,260 1,140 1,120 840 480

Here’s a link to the owner’s manual. http://www.lawsupply.net/pumps/Simer/2300_manual.pdf

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