*Super Drain-O*
Drain-O On Steroids
By: Jaden
17 August 2006

We all get plugged up drains from time to time. Some can be snaked and some canít. There are several different brands of "pipe cleaner outer" stuff, DrainO, Liquid Plumber etc. My friend and I discovered some stuff called "Rooto" professional drain opener. MMM, good stuff!!! We have often have clogged drains at work and itís difficult to snake some of them. We decided to give this stuff a try. It goes for about $7.50 a bottle.

A WORD OF WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is pretty serious stuff and is EXTREMELY dangerous. READ ALL precautions before using. Use at your own risk. It is made of concentrated SULFURIC ACID!!!!!, BAD STUFF!!!!

When using, wear a FULL face mask (a solid face shield like what is used for metal grinding. A N100 and safety glasses WILL NOT cut the mustard! Also wear rubber gloves. AVOID getting this stuff on your skin. Ever seen what battery acid does to clothes, eyes or skin? This is the same stuff only worse as itís not diluted with water.

This stuff has blown the seat of a toilet up before. Yes, it literally picked the toilet seat up when it violently reacted with "the nasty stuff".

This stuff will dissolve, grease, food residue, paper, rinds, hair, soap, tobacco, sanitary napkinsÖ..yea, itíll eat about anything. Trust me, itíll eat it.

Use this stuff ONLY with adequate ventilation. It kinda smells like rotten eggs & propane when itís in the drain doing its job. It stinks!! Make sure you can ventilate the room itís used in, the smell will linger around for hours if you donít.


Have something on hand to cover the drain with immediately after pouring this acid. A plunger works good. This will help prevent a huge mess if it pukes back up through the drain, and YES it can happen.

My shower drain has a tendency to slow down from time to time. No problem, I pour in about Ĺ cup of this stuff and let it sizzle. Then slowly introduce water to wash it down. My drain freed up from almost a total block in about 30 seconds today. Iíve never had a problem with my drain freeing up, Iíve never had a violent reaction here.

We use this stuff a lot at work. The shower drains are impossible to snake due to their construction. Iíve used this acid on three of them that were 100% plugged. Couldnít even free them up with a plunger.

I donned appropriate protective gear and introduced this stuff in to the drain. It sizzled, smoked and spat some crap back out of it. This is due to the acid eating whatever the clog is. After letting it work for a few minutes, I slowly introduced water, as the drain started to free up a little, I stopped the water and gave it another charge of acid. After doing this a few times the drain worked fine. I chased the acid down with A LOT of water. All three drains are still working 1 year later.

NOTE: Once the drain is free, wash the sink basin, tub or whatever it is to ensure the acid is removed.

This stuff works awesome, but be careful!

Hereís some FACTA NON VERBA!

Letís see exactly what happens to hair!


Human hair-----------------------------little bit of acid (no reaction)


Turned pink & dissolving ---------------------------------------------------------after 10 minutes mostly dissolved

Ok, I put some human hair (it works on dog hair too) in container and added a couple tablespoons of acid and nothing happened. Hmm, added a little bit of water and it turned pink and started smoking. The outside of the container got so HOT that I couldnít hold it with a gloved hand. Hmm, okÖ..added a little more acid and water. (Figured the worst that could happen is have the container melt.) It smoked some more. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Most of the hair was gone. There was very little of it left. Of course, I didnít use any exact measurements, even when doing drains I pour slowly straight out of the bottle. Iíve put an entire bottle down a drain beforeÖ.oh yea, really good stuff.

In the above FNV experiment, although all of the hair didnít dissolve (a stronger mix wouldíve done it) it definitely ate enough so that a drain would allow water to pass and wash the residual mess down through the pipes.

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