*Talking To Your Kids in 5 steps*
By: Studentnurse
05 October 2005

In this article we will discuss how to talk to your kids.

Recently, I went to a local state jail. We went to visit the inmates and assist them with adjusting to life when they get out. The inmates were jail for possession/and /or intent to resale illegal drugs. The talked about the lives they had ruined - theirs and other people's lifes.

What I am trying to say is talk to your kids about Drugs illegal and legal.

Here is 5 Easy Steps To parenting.

1- who - Find out who your kid is talking to at school, who their friends are, who they eat lunch with etc. Visit with little Johnny's parents, grandparents etc. See if they are "ideal" people you would want your kid to be around.

2- what - Find out what your kid is doing with their friends . Verify where they go i.e. movies , mall etc. Remember an idle mind is the devils workshop.

3. when - Find out when your child gets to the destination i.e. mall etc. If they didn't get there did they go . Illegitimate delays could mean bad news, but generally are not.

4 where - Find out where they are going i.e. mall etc. If they dont go there , see why not. Investigate!!

5 why - Why are they going to little johnny's house. See what they are going to do while they are there. Will parents be present?


Basically be nosy. After conversing with these folks -- take the time and get to know your kid, your kids friends : the friends parents, family, etc. These lives were ruined and I really don't want to see any more families ruined by drugs.

If things get bad(for instance drugs are being used) at little johnny's house have a "plan" for your child to contact you. For example have code words for emergencies at the friends house. Teach your child meeting points in case TSHTF at little johnny's house.

Have a plan and work it.

Drugs can and will ruin lives. Keep them away from your family and you will be a true parent.

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