*Tandoor Oven Construction*
Part 1
By: Pyrotech
11 June 2014

So, three clay pots meet on the back patio, a 14", 10", and 8". What did they say to each other?

Let's get together and make a Tandoor oven!...

Three Terracotta pots 14", 10" and 8" where used to create the oven the 14" pot will be the outer shell, and the 10" and 8" will be used to create the cooking chamber.

Hmmm Something doesn't look right...

Ok that's better... The bottom of the 8" pot needs to be removed to create the opening for the top of the oven. I used a masonry cutoff wheel in my angle grinder.

Don't throw out the cut off piece; it will be used as a lid later on.

The 14" pot is sitting on a base of landscape pavers and a 12" tile. I did this for 2 reasons; airflow and help protect the Patio.

The 10" pot sits inside the 14" outer shell and make sure to line up the drain holes.

The 8" pot sits inverted on top of the 10" pot which completes the inner cooking chamber.

Vermiculite is used to add insulation to the oven. Do not use perlite; it's not the same thing. Vermiculite is usually in the garden center.

The vermiculite is added in between the cooking chamber and the outer shell.

The finished oven with the lid on and don't forget to wipe down the side walls of the cooking chamber with a little oil to help season it.


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