*Tandoor Oven Final Thoughts*
Part 4
By: Pyrotech
12 June 2014

In the few times I have used this little oven, I have been impressed with how well it works. It does take 90 minutes to heat up, but it does retain the heat for a long time and is very efficient on fuel.

Using large chunks of lump, taking care to not block the drain/air vent in the bottom, is a very important step. If you use this on a wood surface you need to take steps to protect yourself from the hot ash and small embers that will fall through - don't want to start a fire.

A cap of fire clay is needed to seal the top where the vermiculite is exposed, the wind will blow it away, and you don't want it to get on your food as you cook.

A bigger outer pot will allow for more vermiculite and better insulation.

I want to try a bigger version with a better air vent that will not plug up as easily, although a metal rod pushed through the vent will clear it up quickly.

Tried some shrimp one day, and it took 30 seconds to cook.

The inner cooking chamber has developed cracks, something that is not unexpected.

One thing to keep in mind is if it starts to rain while using the oven, the water on the hot terracotta is likely to cause it to break. I had a fast moving rainstorm move in during the first test fire and I used a large metal pan to cover the top until the rain passed.


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