*Helping Kids with Tests*

By Stryder

Some kids in school worry so much about tests that they worry themselves into poor performance. From spelling tests in first grade to college entrance exams tests are everywhere in a young personís life and they need to know how to deal with them. With the increasing reliance on tests in school and high stakes tests nationwide we need to help our kids to show others what they know on the tests they take and to reduce this test anxiety. The Parent School Institute in Fairfax Station, Virginia has a lot of ideas on how to improve test scores for children and most school have pamphlets to help too. Here are some of the best Iíve seen.

Start by soothing your childís nerves about test taking in general:

There are three real testing tips everybody should remember:

There are really only about six ways to be really test smart :

  1. Donít Cram. There will be less pressure to cause test anxiety and your child will remember more from repeated short exposure than cramming.
  2. Read the Directions. The teacher may give some directions orally before the test but some may be written on the test. Pay attention to them.
  3. Skim the Test. Skim through the whole test quickly to begin. By skimming through the whole test your child will know what to expect. Are the last two questions essays that will take extra time? Is the first section the hardest with the longest questions so there is not really a reason to get discouraged and think the whole test is going to be a disaster.
  4. Donít be afraid to skip a question. Donít get panicked when you hit a question you donít know or canít understand. I call it paralysis by analysis. Just skip it and go on to the next question. No one can know everything!
  5. Check your work. I always say to save some time to check each answer even if it means that you donít get a chance to answer every question. Itís the careless mistakes that often cause the bad grades, adding instead of subtracting for example.
  6. Look for clue words. Especially on true or false tests there are clue words like every, never, always that indicate you can eliminate that answer. If you arenít sure about a question but you do know about a word in the question, try to figure the question out based on the clue word you do know.

All of these things should help you to help your child avaoid that all too common test anxiety. I hope it does help!

As I always say -

Get out and train!


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