*The Toddler MRE*
By: Bigunwhistle
26 April 2007

Some of us with kids know that they can be picky eaters, that got me to thinking. If I had to bug home, will my daughter eat what I have for her in the BhB (Bug home Bag). And I decided that her being almost two she would not touch ration bars (I'm using ER ration bars in mine and the wifes BhBs). Adults understand thats when there is nothing but the rations too eat, thats all there is, kids don't understand it. So I've designed my very only Toddler MRE! It is comfort foods that she likes and one MRE is for a full day's worth of food.

I've placed my Kel-Tec P3AT next to it for size comparison.


1 Package of instant Oatmeal

1 fruit cup

1 Chef Borardee Spaghetti and meatballs

1 Chef Borardee Beefaroni

2 single servings of veggies

3 Kool-Aid Singles

1 pack of cheese on wheat crackers

1 pack of oreo style cookies

1 Fork

1 Spoon

3 Wetnaps from Applebees

I still have to vacuum seal them (I gotta borrow my mom's, wife hasn't let me buy one yet). After that we should be good too go. Just use your basic mess kit to cook it and the child should be happy!

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