*Ripening Green Tomatoes At End Of Season*
By: Boceph00
30 July 2021

So I tried this last year and I dont think I ever posted the results.

I read a few things but decided to try three that got mentioned here.

  1. I just left them on the bush
  2. I carefully uprooted a bush and literally hung it upside down to see what happened
  3. I took the green tomatoes off the vine, wrapped them in newspaper or paper towel and put them in a cardboard box.

Option One got me maybe 2 more tomatoes, the rest rotted on the vine green. Its possible it was an over water situation in hindsight and based on whats happening to my bushes this year. Will have to see if I get another chance to test it this year.

Option Two, got me a couple ripened but most rotted on the vine. The vine did last a LONG time, like 2-3 weeks before it really started to dry up/rot in place. This was a lot of effort for no appreciable return, I do not recommend this.

Option Three worked like a charm. wrap each one comppletely in newspaper/paper towel and then put in a cardboard box in a cool dry location. It did take about 2 weeks before they started to turn sort of a pinky orange, then I put them in the window for some sun and they turned a nice deep red and were tasty as normal. Didn't note much difference between paper towels and newspaper, but the control rotted green before any of the ones in the boxes had started to ripen.

Option 3, Wrapped in Newspaper

Option 2, Day After Hanging

Option 2, One to Two Weeks After Hanging


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