*T-Post Jack*
By: John1lt
30 August 2023

What's a T-post jack? Also know as a t-post puller it is a tool to pull up T-Post fence post. Many will also pull up round post, some have teeth on the notch to help grip round post, mine has a smooth notch and I have not had the need to try it on round post yet. Some, like mine, have a hook so you can use a chain to pull up 4x4 fence post.

These are very easy to use. Place the jack next to the post you want to pull up, raise the handle, slip the notch (jaw) around the post and pull/push the handle down. This works best if the jack is positioned so that the notch catches on the studs, those are the bumps on the face of the t-post. The jack will work on the smooth t-post with no problem, FNV.

I haven't had the opportunity to pull up a wooden fence post using the hook and chain method so I won't go into that.

I purchased mine at a local Ace Hardware store a few years ago for about $40. These are also available at many farm and ranch supply stores. Like any other tool buy the best quality tool you can afford.

I know there are other ways to pull up t-post like using a pick or forcing the fence post back and forth until the soil is loosened enough to pull the post up, this usually results in a bent t-post and that is not good if you want to reuse the t-post. A good jack/puller is the easiest way I've found to pull up t-post. The device doesn't weigh much and requires little effort to use, YMMV on both counts. I don't use a t-post puller much but it is nice to have the right tool for the job when I do need one.

Here are a few pictures of my t-post jack/puller


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