*Using A Fire Extinguisher*
By: Jaden
29 April 2007

Using a fire extinguisher is a very simple thing to do. When you need it, you donít have time to stop, and look at the pictures and read the instructions on the bottle. The need to use it can be instantaneously.

Itís a 3-step process-
  1. Pull pin
  2. Stand back about 3 feet and aim at the base of the fire
  3. Squeeze handle and sweep across the base of the fire

Ok, letís try it out.

Kinda pointless to blow off an extinguisher with out a fire.


I let the fire get going pretty good before putting it out. I used a size B-1 extinguisher.

Gauge reads full

You should check your extinguishers frequently to ensure that the needle reads full.

Ok, letís put out the fire.

Step 1

Pull Pin

Step 2

Aim at base of fire

Step 3

Squeeze Handle to discharge & sweep

It took about a 2 second burst to snuff the flames. The coals remained hot, as there is no cooling effect using a dry chemical fire extinguisher. A dry chemical extinguisher might allow a reignition so be ready for it. That happened with my potatoes.

In the below picture youíll notice the discoloration in the snow toward the top of the picture. That is the dry chem.

Seconds after discharge

Once an extinguisher is used, itís done. Donít save the rest for another time... it wonít work. If you try to save your house with a partially discharged extinguisher youíll be severely disappointed when you squeeze the handle and it does nothing.

Needle showing discharged

I sprayed the remaining 5 seconds or so of powder in to the air. Just imagine having all of the crap inside of your house. It looked like a blowing snowstorm even after drifting around in the breeze for several seconds.



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