*Why I Like Toe Warmers As Hand Warmers For My Work Gloves*
By: John1lt
30 March 2018

I buy the little hotties hand warmers and toe warmers at Costco and they work for what I do. In years past I haven't purchased as many toe warmers as I have the hand warmers but this winter I discovered that I like the toe warmers for my work gloves instead of the hand warmers.

I ran short of hand warmers one day and had a package of toe warmers in my lunch box. I'm constantly taking my work gloves on and off and fiddling with the hand warmers since the work gloves I buy don't have hand warmer pockets like ski gloves. Since the hand warmers don't have sticky backs I have to position the hand warmer to the back of my hand when I put the gloves back on and the hand warmers fall out when I take the gloves off. When I used that first pack of toe warmers in my gloves I liked that the toe warmer stayed in place with the sticky back, less time wasted with the gloves means less time in the cold.

The toe warmers are also thinner than the hand warmers and this is more comfortable in tight gloves. I place the toe warmers in the glove so that it is on the back of my hand and when I need a little more heat I place another one in the glove on the palm of my hand. Since the toe warmers are thinner it's not too cumbersome with one in the palm for a short time.

I still buy hand warmers but I'm stocking up on the toe warmers to use in my work gloves next winter.


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