The Ruger 10-22

First let me state that I do not know everything, and as such I welcome any feedback. Secondly, if I do not know the answer to something I will tell you so. Having gotten that out of the way lets go on to something much more fun, the weapons and their uses.

The first weapon we are going to deal with is the Ruger 10-22. The 10-22 is probably the most used and abused weapon in the survivalist battery. The 10-22's use as a training rifle, small game hunting rifle, are well documented and appreciated. The one thing the 10-22 is "NOT", is an assault rifle. No matter how many "goodies" are hung on the 10-22, they will never make the 10-22 assault rifle. As a matter of fact some of the add-ons can actually degrade the accuracy of this fine little weapon. Some of the following accessories I personally would never use are as follows:

1. Barrel shroud-It adds weight and changes the point of impact of the bullet (where the bullet hits).

2. Folding stock- None made for this weapon are strong enough to stand up to constant and hard use. They to get real loose and are very unstable. Not good for something you are depending on to feed you and your family.

3. Flash Hiders-Adds weight with negligible benefit. None have totally eliminated the muzzle flash.

4. Bull Barrels-While they aid in "Target" shooting, they do not aid the rifle when hunting with it. The maximum effective range of the 22 long rifle cartridge on small game is 50 yards.

Some of the after market products for the 10-22 that I use are as follows:

1. Extended magazine release-Vital if you are using gloves in the wintertime. Probably one of the easiest modifications to perform on this rifle in that all you have to do is just remove and replace one pin in the rifle. My 10 year old son changed the magazine release in his rifle with me looking on.

2. Fixed plastic stocks-They are tough and accuracy is not affected by changes in the weather.

3. Extended Magazines-Butler Creek 25 round have worked the best for me. Some folks on the various boards have reported problems with the Ram Line brand of magazines, but I have not experienced this.

4. Williams adjustable receiver sight-This is usually a gunsmith installation usually as it requires drilling and tapping two holes and replacing the front sight blade. This will give you a "ghost ring" sight(faster to acquire), and a longer sighting radius (more accurate), plus you can leave the factory sight in place for backup.

The use of scopes on the 10-22 has the usual advantages and disadvantages. While scopes aid greatly in being able to see the target clearly it reduces you field of view (what you can see). A good compromise is the use of a 4 power scope with see through mounts. This allows you to use either sight effectively.

Unlike a lot of guns made today the Ruger 10-22 rarely needs any maintenance provided if it is kept clean and oiled. Spare parts to keep on hand are a spare firing pin and a spare recoil spring. These parts can be ordered from Brownells. A Brownells catalog should be a required "have" for any survivalist worthy of the name. It is my adult version of the old Christmas Wishbook that I loved as a child.

Overall I feel the Ruger 10-22 is a worthy weapon for any serious survivalist. A weapon that can not only put food on the table, but can train you in proper weapon usage. Plus can be a source of fun too.


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