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By Brian

1911 Style Pistol Basic Disassembly / Cleaning / Reassembly


The following is a break down of how to disassemble clean and reassemble a 1911 style pistol.



I.                  Clearing (unloading) the 1911 style Pistol

1.      Hold hand under magazine and push the magazine release. This will cause the magazine to fall free of the magazine well.

2.      Pull the slide back while pushing up on the slide stop until the stop engages the slide stop notch and holds the slide back.

3.      Look inside the chamber and ensure there is no ammunition present.

4.      Pull the slide completely to the rear and while holding it allow it to move slowly forward until spring tension is released. (Allowing the slide to slam forward will cause premature wear on the weapon)

5.      Point the muzzle in a safe direction and pull the trigger to lower the hammer, do not ease the hammer forward as doing this can damage the sear causing which will cause poor trigger pull.


II.               Disassembling the 1911 Style Pistol

1.      Make sure the magazine is removed and the pistol is clear as described in section I steps 1 through 5.

2.      Depress the recoil spring plug, and rotate the barrel bushing clockwise until the recoil spring plug and recoil spring are free. Note: The recoil spring plug and recoil spring are under pressure and can fly out with significant force release the tension on them slowly.

3.      Remove the recoil spring plug.

4.      Remove he recoil spring.

5.      Cock the hammer.

6.      Push the slide rearward until the slide stop aligns with the disassembly notch.

7.      Push inward (towards the center of the weapon) on the portion of the slide stop that protrudes through the right side of the pistol.

8.      Remove the slide stop from the left side of the pistol.

9.      Slide the Slide assembly forward and off the frame.


10.  Turn the barrel bushing counter clockwise until it aligns in the opening.

11.  Remove the barrel bushing from the front of the slide.

12.  Remove the recoil spring.

13.  Tip the barrel link forward.

14.  Pull the Barrel through the slide.


The pistol is now field stripped for cleaning.


III.           Cleaning the 1911 Style Pistol

1.      Brush the bore and chamber with bore solvent.

2.      Wipe all parts down with clean patches or gun cloths.

3.      Apply a light coat of gun oil to the barrel.

4.      Apply a light coat of oil to all surfaces of the pistol.


IV.            Reassembly of the 1911 Style Pistol

Follow the steps outlined in section II Disassembling the 1911 Style Pistol steps 1 to 14 in reverse order (14 to 1) to reassemble the pistol




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