*223/5.56 Bullet Storage*
By: Smitty
25 March 2008

I have found a way which works great for me to store ammo for my AR15.

I use the tubes the Crystal Light tea comes in. You can fit around 75 if you just dump them in and shake it a bunch. I prefer to stack them in my hand, and dump the bottom layer in all at once, all facing the same way. You can fit around 100 in using this method.

I place the first layer primer down, the next layer primer up. (I donít like the idea of a bullet point resting against a primer!) Make sure the first layer is tight, as with the second layer. The last layer will be primer down again.

To seal the lid I cut a finger out of a latex glove. (Must be stretchy! Latex free gloves I have found donít work.)

Stretch it over the top of the container and while holding it place then put the lid on. If you let go, the finger will pop off and you get to try to find it before the cat does! Press the top on and use tape (I like duct tape) to secure the lid in place.

You can fit 8 of these nicely in a 50 cal ammo can. With the glove as a seal, the tub was water tight. (I dropped it in water for a day, everything inside was dry.) The gloves will NOT stand up to repeated removal and application of the lid. They are too thin. There you have it. Nice handy size ammo containers in a nice round number (100). Hope all you Crystal Light fans out there find this useful!

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