*Installing a 30 round detachable Magazine on the SKS*
By: GreyLocke
22 June 2003

Itís nice and simple to install a large capacity magazine on your SKS. First there are some legalities you need to check before you do it. Number one is your rifle PRE, or POST Ban. If itís Post, donít bother reading any further. If itís PRE, read on. Number two, does your State, or Local Law prohibit High-Capacity Magazines? If yes, Read no further. If no, read on.














To get your SKS to accept High Capacity Magazines isnít that difficult. First purchase good quality magazines from a reputable dealer. I wonít name dealers, since you can usually locate them at a reasonable price (under $30.00) at several places on the Internet. Now onto the actual conversion.

Tools Required:

1 Punch, or Phillips Screwdriver

Some Commonsense

Onto the Conversion:

First ensure that the rifle is unloaded, with the bolt-locked back, and the safety on. Place rifle with the magazine up on a firm padded surface, (so you donít damage the bluing). Place your punch/screwdriver into the detent at the base of the trigger guard. Push it in, (toward the muzzle of the weapon) firmly until the trigger group is released from the stock.


Once the trigger group is free of the stock, lift the magazine out of the stock


When the magazine if removed you will re-install the trigger group into the stock. Make sure you line the magazine retainer pin into the cut in the receiver, or the trigger group will not seat properly, and you will have the dickens of a time removing it again.


Once the trigger group is in place press firmly on the trigger guard to set the group fully in the stock, and allowing it to re-latch.

Once the Trigger Group is back in, you can install your new magazine. Place the front of the magazine into the lip at the bottom of the receiver, and rock it back firmly allowing the magazine catch to lock on it.

Once installed you can load the magazine through the top with stripper clips, or you can load it by hand. NOTE! If you use this magazine, it will ONLY fully latch in with the bolt of the weapon locked back.

Now Go to the range and EnjoyÖ.

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