*Survivalist Weapons*
By: Brian
Remington 870 Shot Gun Basic Disassembly / Cleaning / Reassembly

I. Clearing the weapon

1. Place the safety in the on position (red not showing)

2. Push up on the action-locking bar.

3. Pull the slide to the rear ejecting the shell.

4. Push the slide forward.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 till no more shells are ejected

6. Pull the slide to the rear. Inspect the chamber to ensure there are no shells in it or the magazine tube.

II. Disassembly of the Remington 870 Shot Gun

1. Engage the safety.

2. Ensure the firearm is unloaded using the steps described in section I.

3. Push the slide aprox. way to the front.

4. Unscrew and remove the magazine cap.

5. Grasp the barrel in front of the magazine tube and pull the barrel from the receiver.

6. Push the shell carrier forward.

7. Depress the left shell latch by reaching into the chamber through the bottom.

8. Push the slide forward and off the magazine tube.

9. Lift the Breach assembly and the slide assembly from the rear of the action bar.

10. Tap out the 2 trigger retaining pins.

11. While lifting the rear of the trigger assembly slide it to the rear and remove. Note: do not let the hammer fall while the trigger assembly is out of the firearm. To keep this from happening always keep the safety engaged.

III. Reassembly

1. Insert the trigger assembly into the receiver.

2. Align the holes on the receiver and the trigger assembly and insert the retaining pins.

3. Place the slide over the magazine tube.

4. Position the slide block assembly and the breech assembly on the rear of the action bars.

5. push the action bars into the receiver until they are stopped by the right side shell latch.

6. Push upward on the carrier.

7. Depress and hold the right shell latch.

8. Pull the slide rearward until it is stopped by the left shell latch.

9. Reach through the bottom of the receiver and depress and hold the left shell latch.

10. Pull the slide rearward until it is stopped by the action bar lock.

11. Push up on the action bar lock.

12. Pull the slide rearward aprox. way.

13. Push the barrel into the receiver.

14. Install the magazine cap.

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