*Poor Manís Recoil Buffer*
By Akman

For the AK and Similar Rifles

For a couple of months now I've been a full-fledged member of the Rubicon and I have to say I have been impressed with the professionalism and kinship among the members. The first day of membership, I wrote the Ranger Radio Rig and today I would like to share plans for a cheap (or free) recoil buffer for the AK family of rifles. With a little modification, this can be used for the SKS, FN-FAL, or most any other weapon.

With my first AK (Norinco NHM-91) I noticed that after about 500 rounds the receiver and rear of the bolt carrier were getting bruised up somewhat. When I bought my latest AK (Romanian), I didn't want the same wear happening to it, so I went to purchase one of the new "Shock Buffer" and gagged on the fact that they were $15. I decided to make my own with junk lying around the house. Here's how to do your own:

Materials Needed:

*Neoprene or other closed-cell material (computer mouse pads, beer "cozies", USGI sleep mats, or the like)

*scrap pieces of leather (somewhat thin)

*hot glue gun

*knife or scissors

*I read somewhere of a person using a piece of bias-ply tire for buffer material. The tire will last significantly longer than the neoprene.

First, print out a copy of the full-scale template below and be sure it has printed to scale. Cut out the buffer and place it over the piece of closed cell foam; trace the outline of the buffer. Now, do the same to the piece of leather (I used some worn out shoes and cut them up for the leather. If you use leather dress shoes that have Vibram soles, you just found your closed cell material!) Finally, simply hot glue the leather to each side of the foam. Voila, instant buffer!

If your rifle is a Romanian version, you will have to trim out the additional slot for the receiver stud. Otherwise, just make straight cuts. The dimension for the recoil spring slot isn't terribly important - just make it tight enough to be snug without flopping around.


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