*Mounting A Holster on an ALICE Pack*

More Uses for Zip Ties

By Jaden & Nerisa

23 November 2003


I’ve tried a couple different ways of carrying a handgun while wearing my ALICE pack. My waist strap rides high on me so a holster there would mean the gun was way up near my armpit….no good.

I had the pack on tonight and happened to shove my hand behind my back….wait a minute, there’s room right there. There’s quite a bit of room between the frame and my back. Looked like a good spot.

So, Nerisa and I got playing around with a couple different holsters. The 1st one didn’t work too well. The 2nd one did. I need to be able to access and present the weapon quickly and also need to be able to re-holster it.

The experiments began and it boiled down to this-

Holster zip tied to the frame


After the zip tying fest I put the pack on w/ the weapon holstered. Couldn’t even tell it was there. It doesn’t touch my back unless I lean forward. Next step ACCESS!!

Spread your hand like so

Then reach in and grab the weapon. Keep your finger OUT of the trigger guard and keep your thumb behind the slide or hammer.

My hand is on the weapon

Unsnap the Thumb "T" Break.

Draw the weapon and point it down. DON’T point it at yourself. It should look like this.

Then come up into firing position

Ok, BANG BANG BANG BANG you’re done shooting and need to re-holster.

Place your thumb behind the hammer or slide and your finger OUT of the trigger guard.

Then just slide it back into the holster and snap the T break.

NOTE: With the T break you’ll need it to face your back.

Here’s why. If you try it with it breaking towards the back…it’s really hard to release it. It pushes up against the pack…NO GOOD!! when you really need it. Just remember, it breaks toward you.

I drew and re-holstered mine a few times. No problems. The gun comes out between the frame and my back w/o a problem. It re-holsters pretty easy. I need 2 hands (just for the T break), but with a little practice I can do it w/ 1.

It’s not a full-concealed carry, but close.

You really hafta look to see it, doncha?

Zoomed in

From the left side all you can see is something dark between my back and the pack. So the empty wasted space is no more.

Another benefit is it’s pretty well sheltered from the worst of the elements and protected from being hit on trees or whatever.

I hope the dude that invented Zip Ties is rich!

J & N

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