*Attaching A Knife to an ALICE pack*

Another Use For Zip Ties

By Jaden

Pix by Nerisa

26 December 2003


I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to attach my Cold Steel knife to my ALICE pack. I wanted it easily accessible. I tried putting it on the waist strap, but it flopped around too much. It needed to be secure so that if I’m crawling or navigating through the woods it wouldn’t get snagged up on anything. Finally solved the problem tonight.

I zip tied the belt loop to my shoulder strap and then tied the leg string (550 Para cord) to the strap padding.

The knife is very secure. It doesn’t stick out on the bottom. Fits quite nice.

When you cut the ends off the zip ties, use a lighter or match and melt the remaining stub. This gets rid of the sharp edge.

I carry extra zip ties in my pack…just incase.


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