*Testing Some Real Ballistic Material*
My Job Has its Moments
By: Helimech
15 December 2008

My job affords me the opportunity to play with some neat stuff from time to time, this is FNV from one of those times.

At work we recently did a test of some bulletproof material for a project we are working involving an alphabet agency. We had to shoot 7.62 x 39 122 gr. FMJ at the material from 30 Meters at a 45 degree angle. In addition we had to shoot it with 7.62 x 51 NATO Ball from the same specs. Neither round penetrated. After the test was done I begged for the test sample for my own purposes. Knowing what Swiss GP-11 (ammo for Swiss K-31 rifle) does to ˝” plate steel I had to try it on this. So with the material, my K31 and some GP-11 in hand I headed out and set up the material at the same specs. Fired and......

The GP-11 went right through. It didn’t even slow down. I was quite impressed to say the least. The plate is 1/8 inch of Titanium followed up with 14 layers of ballistic Kevlar and a proprietary material. I have included some pictures.

The front of the test piece.

The front of the test piece.

The front of the Kevlar backing material

The back of the Titanium

The back of the Kevlar Backing (you can see where the GP-11 went through)

As I said, I found these results quite stunning and thought it was worth sharing. This is good Rubie cocktail knowledge.

Cocktail Knowledge – information based in minutia that most people don’t care to know and is acknowledged after several strong cocktails.

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