*Basic Skills Tests*

1. First Aid Preparedness Exam

A triage of First Aid questions intended to educate & re-enforce the understanding of life saving information relative to emergency medical assistance & the scouting requirements.


2. Crime Prevention Exam

A portfolio of questions addressing anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of crime risks and actions necessary to remove/reduce those risks. Community and scout needs relevant.


3. Emergency Preparedness Exam

A collection of questions intended as both a community service exercise and boy scout training aid, promoting the retention of life & property saving information.


4. Fire Safety Exam

Staging area for Fire Safety questions intended to spark retention and understanding of life saving information relative to fire, community awareness and the scouting requirements.


5. Safety Preparedness Exam

A series of questions designed to assist recognition and increase appreciation for life and property saving practices, policies, procedures, and the scout safety requirements.


6. Wilderness Survival Exam

An assortment of survival questions in training aid form planned to focus memory on life saving wilderness environment information and the boy scout merit badge requirements.


7. Damage Assessment Exam

Complimentary to official American Red Cross Disaster Services instruction, the Damage Assessment Exam instrumentally promotes dwelling property damage assessment information, provides the global community an introduction, and encouragement for veteran volunteer curriculum review.


8. Hiking Exam

An on-line bi-pedal pathway featuring thought provoking questions and every opportunity to double check personal fulfillment of all requirements necessary while earning the award. Provides the participant with a hiking safety preparedness emphasis.


9. Personal Fitness Exam

A self disciplined check-up or review that measures personal progress towards total fitness, subject matter retention, and fulfillment of all requirements necessary to earn the award. Provides a mutual review resource and documents participant level of understanding.



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