*Blackhawk LBV mod for AK mags*
By: Goshin

With a brand new Blackhawk LBV, I discovered that 30 round AK mags were a poor fit...and Warlord and I found that the *new* Blackhawk mag pockets had very tight-sewn corners, making it nearly impossible to simply stretch the mag pouch to fit. If you buy a brand new Blackhawk LBV and want to use AK mags, here is a simple way to fix the mag-pouch problem: Put new snaps on the straps of the mag pouch cover, slightly lower than the existing snap socket. Since the process is not quite a no-brainer for those of us with little skill at tailoring, an explanation follows.

I went to Survival Mart (Wal-Mart) to the "notions" section, where all manner of sewing and related stuff is found.  I purchased the "Prym heavy-duty snap kit" for under $2.

Instructions are on the back with pics of the four components.  The two you will need for this mod are the cap and socket.

There are three "tools" in the kit, a hole-puncher (small rod with slightly pointy end), attaching tool (small rod with a slightly rounded end) and the "anvil" (metal disk with concave sides, one smooth, one w/ protrusion).

I found the hole-punch to be largely useless, so I recommend an awl or leather punch instead.  You'll also want a hammer.

Put an AK mag in the pouch and close the cover as far as it will go.  Position the dangling strap over the existing stud and mark the spot on the strap. Make a hole in the strap where you marked it...this can take some doing.

Put the post part of the cap through the hole from outside-to-inside on the strap.  Turn the strap over and put the socket (bowl side facing away from the strap) over the post.

On a hard surface, set the anvil down smooth side up.  Position the flat part of the cap on the middle of the anvil.  You will be looking at the bottom side of the strap, with the socket in place and the post sticking up.  Put the rounded end of the attaching tool in/on the post, and hammer the heck out of the butt of the attaching rod, several blows fairly hard. When you are done the post should have been squashed flat, evenly around the inner part of the socket.

NOW if all is correct, the new socket should snap into the old existing stud with an AK mag in the pouch.

A good thing is, if you mess it up you can pry the cap and socket back off with pliers, and start over.

The cap is bright-finish, so I'm painting it with matte enamel modeling paint, to avoid compromising the LBV's camouflage.


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