*Black Powder Rifles*
By: Unklebeau
21 June 2010

I like shooting black powder, and have been shooting it since 1970. I usually go deer hunting with a percussion sidelock .50 caliber Thompson Center Plains rifle. It is short and handy. But I heard about the new in-line rifles and thought they might be something I would like to try. But I had to save the money to get it. When I was ready a new rifle was on the market. It was an in-line, but it had some special features, it uses a 209 Shotgun primer for the percussion cap; and the barrel breech plug for clean out, removes with a quarter turn of the knurled plug. One may then look down the barrel for inspection and cleaning.

Purists may want to use the old flintlock and a patched ball. But for me, this really fits. The lock time is faster, the action is nearly waterproof, and it breaks open like an old shotgun. Weight is similar to the sidelock, so no difference there. And I use a .44 pistol hollow point with a sabot sleeve instead of a patch of cloth.


This is the Thompson Center Sidelock. You see the lock is on the right side of the barrel. The cone or nipple holds the percussion cap which ignites the main black powder charge when the hammer strikes it

In line

These are the Kleanbore 209 primers that are used with the in line ignition system on this TC Triumph pictured below.

Here you see the primer being inserted in the breech plug. Close the breech and the rifle is ready to fire.

When one is done cleaning, you turn the flat to the top, and insert it with turn. Then it is tight and ready for action!

Happy Shooting!
Unkle Beau

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