*Black Powder Weapons*
By Winchester

In some instances after TSHTF you may want to conceal the fact that you've prepared for the occasion. One such scenario might be that you have no aggressive neighbors (yet) but they haven't prepared and they are trying to mooch off anyone they can. Or they have some food but they were real pacifists before TSHTF but now might want you to "share the wealth" as far as your protection goes. Then there is always the thought that the problems that have befallen you might drag on for so long as to risk depleting your resources. In these situations you MIGHT decide to not advertise the fact that you have protected your family with modern firearms. Sometimes a show of superior force is the best policy but if you decide to go primitive maybe this will help. Blackpowder firearms are instructional, accurate (within limits), reliable to a point, but most of all they are fun! Get yourself a BP pistol and go shooting with your kids. They will have a ball shooting "that 'ol cowboy gun", and you will too.

First of all, BP weapons are still blissfully uncomplicated to get. In MOST states you can buy through the mail with no papers to fill out. There is a movement in congress to change that, probably due to all the single action assault pistol drive-bys recently. LOL, nevertheless, you can order through Cabelas or some other company. A pistol can cost about $100. You should get one with a steel frame, the brass pistols will come apart with repeated use. There are several calibers available, but the two main calibers are .44 and .36. I have a Traditions .44 cal single action navy revolver. I can hit soup cans with every shot out to 20 yards. I use Hodgdons pyrodex for pistols in my revolver. I also use wonder wads, a felt type patch to seat the ball on. They can be bought for whatever caliber you get. You will need to get some bullets. I find mine all over, usually getting them off the back of a shelf where they have been sitting forever and get a good deal on them. Use round balls, the conical type bullets can not be reliably seated and tumble when fired. Another accessory you will need is a nipple pick. This is a wire that you can use to clean the nipples out with. DUH!

You must remember to clean your BP weapon as soon as you finish shooting. BP or Pyrodex are both extremely corrosive and will rot your barrel!

A .44 cal BP pistol is not a quick handling modern firearm, but it is an alternative if you need it. Many, many folks were killed with these pistols 150 years ago, I know I wouldn't want to get hit with one.

You may also want to get a BP rifle, the rules for cleaning are the same. Some folks use cleaning solutions and some use soap and hot water. Either way clean it, and dry it well. I f you leave water in it.....well, you know what that means. If you leave oil in the barrel you will risk the powder being wet the weapon will not fire. A BP rifle is just as easy to get as a BP pistol. I ordered mine from Cabelas for less than $100. I use mine right now to go deer hunting 2 weeks early here in South Carolina. I have a .50 cal in-line rifle. That means that the percussion cap sits directly behind the powder charge, this makes the rifle somewhat more dependable as far as ignition goes. A traditional BP rifle will have the "lock" on the side of the rifle that everyone thinks of when they think BP rifle. These rifles are a little less dependable in that the spark from the cap must travel around a "corner" so to speak to reach the powder charge.

I have a .50 cal but you can also buy a .54 cal rifle. My rifle is capable of 3-4" groups at 100 yards. Not MOA to be sure but still good enough to put a deer on his fanny. I also use Pyrodex in my rifle. Another good thing about BP arms is that if you really get in deep you can make your own powder! I have a "recipe" that I can email anyone that wants it. BUT, I've never actually tried it.

Well there it is, another option. And to me, survivalism is about having options when there are none for "normal" folks.


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