*Brass Catcher*
By Wheels

Tired of looking for all that shot-up brass all over the ground? Here's a VERY nice, very simple to make, Brass Catcher.

Materials Needed:
8' sections ½" pvc pipe
½" plain end sleeves
½" plain end/threaded ( male)adapter
½" plain end tees
½" plain end/threaded (female) tees
½" plain end elbows
pvc pipe glue
glue gun
36" plastic screen


Rectangle size will be 24"h x 32"w. Assemble top bar (32") with 1 plain end elbow each end, insert 24" side bars. Bottom bar will resemble an "H" and have a plain end tee at each end with a plain end/threaded (female) tee in the middle. Insert a 6" section of pipe in bottom of plain end tee at ends. Insert a sleeve on bottom of these stems. Cut two pieces of pvc to 30" lengths with a sleeve on one end.

Construct base to resemble another "H" that will be 32" wide and a total height of 24". Place a tee at each end of the cross bar and a plain end/threaded (male) adapter on the bottom of the vertical legs.

Construct "feet" (total length 26") placing a plain end/threaded (female) tee in middle with the threaded end pointed up. Construct a bar which will slip onto the end of the feet using a plain end elbow at each end and a plain end tee in the middle (pointed up).

Construct vertical brace in an "L" shape using 1 plain end elbow and place a plain end/threaded (male) adapter on the short leg and place a sleeve in the middle of the vertical.

Note: please pre-assemble all parts prior to glueing thinking about disassembly for easy transporting.

Hot glue screen to top and bottom bars of the rectangle and close each end with a trapezoidal shape and glue to verticals and screen.

Hot glue screen between the 30" verticals. The photo doesn’t reflect this addition I made. I came up with this idea about three years ago and have tested it in a lot of matches with a variety of shooters and guns. Height may be adjusted to suit your need, but test it first. It may not catch all brass but it will catch most and will work in either a standing or bench rest position. You will need to have small sandbags or rocks handy to hold the catcher in place as a good wind can blow it over.

I am willing to share this invention with you here in the Rubicon as long as it isn't sold or marketed in way to any others (You KNOW Warlord's policy on that!). If you have any questions, e-mail me from the message board:

Hope you all enjoy.


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