*Field Breakdown of Smith And Wesson 5906*
By: PackRat
16 January 2006

5906 - 9MM


Of course - ALWAYS make sure the weapon is UNLOADED!!!

First remove the magazine:



Then clear the chamber and visually inspect to make sure it is empty:


On the right side of the frame you will see an indent with a knob in the center. This is the back side of the slide stop.

This is what you use to push out the slide stop:


You push back on the slide to line up the slide stop on the frame with the notch on the slide:


You then use a finger from your other hand to push on the slide stop pin as far as you can into the indent:



When you have pushed it as far as you can from the other side, grab hold of the slide stop and pull it the remainder of the way out:



Using both hands pull the slide from the frame, careful not to pop the recoil spring assembly as you do. It is under pressure. Hold the spring assembly and slide firmly as you remove. ** (The hammer will drop as you pull the slide off)


Being very careful apply pressure to the recoil spring to remove it from the notch in the barrel lug:


Remove the recoil spring and rod:





Remove the Barrel from the slide:



This is as far as the pistol needs to be stripped for cleaning and maintenance:


The Smith and Wesson 5906 (4-inch barrel, 15 round magazine) and the 6906 (3 Ĺ inch barrel and 12 round magazine) are stripped using the exact same procedures.


  1. 6906


The 15 round magazines from the 5906 works perfectly in the 6906. They stick out of the magazine well of course but sit and shoot fine.

Because the frames are the same size except for the magazine well size, you can mix and match the slides and recoil assemblies. (why you would want to is up to you but it CAN be done and function correctly)

Thatís it - basic breakdown of the S&W 5906 (and 6906). Hope it helps.

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