*Browning High Power*
By: Kingpin


The BHP is a gun with a long history. It was in use in the Second World War, and is still the standard sidearm for a number of countries today.

The BHP is a Single-Action only semi-automatic pistol. It has a basic magazine capacity of 13 rounds, and there are 20 round magazines available.

It comes issued with wooden grips. These work well, but excellent rubber and other after market grips are available that increase the usability of the weapon.


Sights can vary as several models were made.

The standard fixed sights are low profile, and can be hard to acquire.

There are several versions with adjustable rear sights.

High profile fixed sights are available, and provide increase visibility and lower acquisition time.


The standard safety on the BHP is a small safety on the left side of the gun that locks the slide completely.

This safety is small enough that it is difficult for a right-hander to use efficiently, and almost impossible for a left-hander to operate without adjusting the grip.

Several excellent after market safeties for both left and right-handed shooters are available, and greatly enhance the usability of the weapon.


The BHP is not terribly fussy about the ammo it digests. It tends to work well without stoppages as long as it is fed properly seated bullets.

The BHP is very sensitive to sand, however. If it is dropped into sandy conditions, it can seize up completely, forcing the operator to operate it as a single shot weapon, if the slide can be operated at all.


The BHP can be disassembled by: removing the magazine, locking the slide fully back, and then moving it back further until the manual safety can be pressed upwards into the foremost depression on the slide.

Once this has been done, the slide-locking lever can be pushed out and removed by pressing the stud on the right side of the slide.

If the safety is then disengaged, the slide can be taken off.

The barrel can be taken out by unclipping the spring holding it to the slide.

This is far enough for field stripping, and allows you to clean the firearm thoroughly.

Suitability for Use

The High-Power is a well engineered firearm. It is well suited to use for self-defense and target shooting.

Although newer firearms have almost completely replaced the Hi-Power’s niche in the new gun market,this firearm is a tried and tested veteran of numerous conflicts, and can be guaranteed to work well as a defensive firearm.

As the BHP is a full-size pistol, it can be difficult to carry for small people, or where skimpy dress is the order of the day. It is also quite heavy, and requires the wearing of a decent belt if a belt holster is to be used.

The full size and weight of the gun makes the felt recoil much less than many lighter framed modern pistols.


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