*Calling 911*
Tips on calling 911
By: studentnurse
13 August 2003

In this article we are going to discuss the How to Call 911. Yes, I know this ain't going to be valuable in a Post-TSHTF world but it will help save a life here and now.

First off have all important telephone numbers posted near the telephone - (Children should memorize their street address and telephone number anyway). Important telephone numbers are 911(orlocal ems phone number), close family and friends,clergy, poison control center - You get the picture.

Second the person who calls EMS or other emergency response system should be prepared to give the following information as calmly as possible.

1. Location of the emergency (with names of cross streets or roads or hotel room number etc. if possible). (Be specific as specific can be.)

2. The telephone number from which the call is being made.(Work number, pay telephone , etc.)

3. What happened - Unresponsive person, motor vehicle crash, stroke, etc.

4. How many persons need help - Is one person injured , or is it a multi - trauma incident?

5. Condition of the victim(s). I.e. Are they breathing , bleeding , lying down, etc.

6. What aid is being given to the victim(s) (for example , "Performing CPR" or "Heimlich maneuver is being performed" )

7.Any other information requested - The EMS operator may ask questions to aid the EMT'S . They may seem silly or not important to you at the time but answer them. The more knowledge they have before hand the better they can assist your loved one.

To ensure that EMS personnel (or other emergency response system operators) have no more questions , the caller should hang up only when instructed to do so by the Emerergency Medical Director / Emergency response system operator. Knowing how to call 911 and what to tell them will aid the EMS personnel with a better idea of what type of Incident just happened. I think a good review of the basics is necessary at times. Hope this article stirs a few cobwebs in the old noggin of yours

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