*A concealed carry option*
By serger

December 2, 2002


One of the hardest things for me to do is to remember to take a sidearm when I go out. Most of the time Iím either too busy or it seems to be inconvenient. What good is it to have the capability of carrying a weapon and not to. Especially in these strange times where personal safety is fleeting at best. Here it is not a big issue yet. But if trends continue it may be.

One option I have started to use Iíve photographed below. It allows me to put a firearm close at hand yet it doesnít "print" when Iím in lightweight clothing. I just look like one of the millions of sheep in the herd. Since it looks like a day planner, and it is, during the workweek it doesnít raise an eyebrow. One of the disadvantages of having a fanny pack now is it has been identified as a common carry option and almost anyone watches those who have one. It might act as a deterrent but why place yourself under scrutiny. Since I live in an area with a college, many students carry and use day planners exactly like this one and as of yet it doesnít raise eyebrows like the fanny packs do.

As you can see itís just a plain vanilla day planner. For men to carry it in this culture is not strange and wouldnít cause a stir. The sides of the planner are rigid and they show no outward indication of the contents of the case.


Inside the planner is a friend. In my case itís a Bulgarian circle 10 Makarov and an extra magazine. I know that isnít a lot but it is adequate for my needs here at this time. Itís enough at this time to allow me to stop the bad thing from happening and to get away. I have no intention of slugging it out with bad guys with only a pistol. With the magazine I still need to sew in an elastic strap to keep it from moving but Iím lazy and for the last 8 months it has worked just fine as is.

Hopefully this may be of use to you. Thanks for the read


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