*Cheap Security Options*
By: Ragnar
9 June 2012

One of the top concerns people have about their homes, homesteads, and BOLS is security. There are the obvious systems that people consider including; CCTV, alarms, dogs, fences, firearms, and motion sensors. Being in the security field I am big proponent of all of these options; however, these options are not always sensible to put in or affordable. Often times, like all of our preparations, security has to be built over years. Here are some very affordable options that you can start with today that will not break your bank.

Never over estimate the power of lighting. In most applications it is better than a fence because it allows you to react to someone in your space. A well lit yard also makes a prowler think twice as he can been found out without the cover of darkness. Lighting your home with motion lighting, cheap and decorative lights to accent your home, and front porch lights can make a huge difference. Turning on lights with the high efficient bulbs in different locations around the house also makes a good prop. The "fake tv" is another great product that makes it look like you are at home watching tv.

Noise is one of the least favorite things for a criminal to deal with. They are trying to get in and out without anyone looking their way. If you cannot afford and alarm system there are screeching alarms that cost around $20.00 when the connecters are move from each other. These can be great for apartments, or in addition to you alarm system if it does not cover windows or some doors. Additionally, a radio left on during the day on a volume that can be heard outside of the house will make anyone coming around believe someone is on the inside. I have had vendors call me when I am at work asking if they could have whoever was inside come sign their ticket. I always tell them, "My brother is there and works at night so please do not disturb him. He does not have the authority to sign for me". No more questions asked.

Door locks only keep honest people honest. To keep people from kicking in your door I would suggest a door devil. This is a metal plate placed in your frame and makes it difficult to kick through a door. Also make sure your locks are not able to be opened with a "bump key" or easily picked. The cheap, Lowes stuff is not your friend.

Fake cameras can be found for cheap online and add the look of real cameras for home use. They are placed in real camera housing and have red flashing lights that draw attention to them. These are wonderful if you cannot afford a couple hundred dollar system and also can be used in conjunction with real cameras. Make sure you are careful to make sure that a kind is used where it look like it should be there. I.E. do not put one to a tree where there is no wiring for power, etc. this will give you away very easily.

Signs are another wonderful tool to use. A simple octagon sign that says you have a security system in the home will help to deter scouts. Stickers on the windows with ADT etc, stickers saying this property is video monitored, and beware of dog signs are also effective and work well in conjunction with the above.

Communications can be troublesome but there is a system out that allows a person to use a speaker at the front door to communicate through your cell phone. Perfect for someone ringing your door bell to see if someone is really home.

Of course adding a moat with zombie sharks equipped with laser beams on their heads is also effective means of security but the zombie sharks can get expensive!


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