*Concealed Carry*
By Blackhawk

The art of carrying a concealed weapon is the hardest and easiest thingto do. I can put nothing new in this writing, it is all been done in gunmagazines and books better than I can do it, so I will just put down herewhat I have learned by doing.

The first thing I learned was that there is nosuch thing as a "convertible concealed carry" rig, there's just a less uncomfortable way to carry. Now that being said here we go.

1. Like they always say at Alpha. Do what works for you. Concealed Carry is a personal thing, what works for one will not work for everyone, so research and try out many styles, find out what works for YOU!

2. Shoulder holsters:
If you can wear a coat all the time they are great and the most comfortable to me. They come in horizontal or vertical, left and right hand models. The bad side is that someone can stop you from drawing theWeapon just by getting too close to you, You'd have to push themaway to draw, and they can always draw your gun while you are pushing them!!

3. Ankle holsters:
I think these are the most concealable. The bad side is that they are hard to draw from and you can only carry small pistols... nothing much bigger than a stubby revolver or a small automatic. They are worse than shoulder holsters if someone can get in close to you.

4. Waist carry holsters are either strong hand, cross draw or center of back. There are many options with this holster as you can actually put guns 360 degrees around your waist. These are the most used models I know of.Cross draw is good if you sit down a lot, but again, if someone gets in close they could take your gun, and they'd be closer to it than you are with their strong hand... other than that it is a good carry.
Next best (in my opinion) is center of back. This can be doneeither with barrel down or along the belt. However, with this style ofcarry you cannot sit down comfortably at all, the pistol either digs into you or sticks out for the world to see.
Strong hand:
That's anywhere from above the hip pocket to in front of the front pocket. This is the fastest to draw and protects the gun the best, it's also the first place people look to see if you carry.
With all of these you need a long coat or shirt worn outside the paints.

5. Off the body carry is used to describe a handbag or briefcase, basically anything you can stick a gun in. The rule for this carry is easy, do not let the case or whatever out of your reach! The downside to carrying in this manner is that you can forget that it is there.

I will not tell you what specific brand of holster to get because I do most of my own leather work, therefore I don't know the good ones, but make it the best you can find because the one that's most comfortable is the one you will use 90% of the time.

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