*Remington 870 Express Magnum Youth Model in 20 Ga*
By: Warlord
25 November 2006

I recently Bought a Remington 870 Express Magnum Youth Model in 20 Ga... VERY nice, lightweight, action smooth as silk, NIB... (Actually, it's for my Girls)

... well... uhh.. I had a bunch of 20 ga shells laying around, and no gun for them.. so I HAD to buy it... Wouldn't want to waste all those shells.. waste is BAD.. and it IS Tax Free weekend on EVERYTHING in SC ;)

The Safety on the new ones has an "L" shaped hole cut through it, and you get an "L" shaped screwdriver with the gun.. so with the safety on, you insert the "L" shaped screwdriver into the "L" shaped hole in the safety button and turn it counter clockwise for "Locked", and clockwise to "Fire".. they hype it as a "built in trigger lock"... I unlocked it and put the "key" away.. don't want it accidently getting locked on me.

Otherwise it's got very good wood, very smooth action, holds five 2.75 inch shells in the tube alone, or four 3 inch magnum shells in the tube... 6 & 5 Shells (Respectively) if you count one in the chamber.

I Got the shell carrier for the butt stock also...

Overall, I am VERY impressed with it, and it's managable for females while target shooting, yet can be a serious "home defense weapon" for females also just by using 3 inch 00 buck shells (Works out to a bit more than a 12Ga that's using 2.75 inch 00 buck shells if my math is correct).

It also has the built in Choke (and Choke Key), but I plan to get a BIT shorter barrel for it with Rifle Sites on it. But as it is from the box it's a nice multipurpose weapon.

Walmart has the Remington 870 (Plain) with CRAPPY wood and a LOOOOOOONG goose barrel for about $234.00.

But I went to the Gun store (Same Place I bought My Winchester 1000 Pellet rifle) and asked for the "Cash and Carry price".. he said "What do you mean by that"? and I Pulled out a roll of 20's and said "Cash", and laid my CCW on the counter and said "And Carry" (with a CCW there's no waiting or background check), so I got it, a box of 8 shot, and several boxes of 3 inch 00 magnum buck, and a butt-stock shell holder for $300 (No tax on anything this weekend in SC).

The ones at WalMart felt rough on each stroke.. All Remington 870's ARE NOT created equal... there's the "Remington 870 (regular)" and the "Remington 870 Express", and the "Remington Express Magnum" and the "Remington Magnum Special Purpose", etc.. Each one is a step up (or a step sideways.. just depends what you need)..

Personally I like the "Express Magnum", or the "Magnum Special Purpose".. it's all I buy in Shotguns.

Bottom line, the 870 Express Magnum Youth in 20 Ga, New in Box, for 300 bux with "Extras" thrown in..

...And You'll almost throw it over your head MANY times as you pick it up, because you get used to grabbbing a 12Ga Magnum Special purpose (Kinda heavy), and then you grab the 870 Express Magnum Youth and it's MUCH lighter... you can really tell the difference in receiver sizes on the very bottom pic, But it's an EXCELLENT weapon... Especially for Women of smaller stature.. I looked at the regular 20 ga 870's until the Store owner said, "Most women prefer the Youth Model in 20 Ga".. he's right (Duh ;)

(Remington Express Magnum Youth 20Ga)

(Remington Express Magnum Youth 20Ga)

(Remington Express Magnum Youth 20Ga)

(Remington Express Magnum Youth 20Ga[Top], Remington Magnum Special Purpose 12Ga[Bottom])

(Remington Express Magnum Youth 20Ga[Top], Remington Magnum Special Purpose 12Ga[Bottom])

(Remington Express Magnum Youth 20Ga[Top], Remington Magnum Special Purpose 12Ga[Bottom])

Breakdown and cleaning is just like it's bigger brother, the 870 in 12Ga...

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