*AK Extended Mag Release*
By: Pike
25 June 2004

Here are some pictures for you to see the extended magazine release that is for right hand use on my SLR95 and is a lot less obtrusive IMHO than the larger commercial one that is ambidextrous, and it saves you $45.00 and $26.00 or so for the safety catch when you do it yourself.....

As you can see in the pictures, I also welded a plate to the safety catch so I can actuate the safety on or off with the same hand without removing the hand from the grip. This works very good, and again a step/time saver especially in a tight situation as speed can be a big help.

First you make a paper pattern to get the angles right for YOU and it is a lot quicker this way. You want to fit your finger distance so you can put enough pressure to release the magazine. Then use a piece of 1/16 thick flat steel to cut out your pattern on then grind, fit, file, drill to fit and blue to protect the metal. Use a #10 bolt, star lock washer, lock tite and a nut to secure in place. I like mine, as it does not block as much of the trigger hole for gloves in cold weather than the commercial units do. You can see in the pictures attached here that it is an easy project to do with the right tools and a welder of some type for the safety lever. Good luck with this projectů..




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