*Last Shot Hold Open 'FIX' for the FAL/L1A1*
By: Shooter

This was a response to a query I received from one of my articles. I thought it might come in handy for owners of these weapons. It's STUPID to pay $25 for a part, when the 'fix' costs MAYBE 15-cents.

Now for the 'fix'. The follower IS 'high enough'. Century has idiots working for them. ;) Either the pin on the bolt stop wasn't installed or it has been ground off. The Brits didn't like the idea of sand getting into an open action, so in most cases, the bolt stop was modified to prevent it from locking open on an empty mag. The L1A1s also are the only FAL-variants to have 'sand cuts' in their bolts.

Anyway...here is what you do:

FIRST....make SURE your weapon is EMPTY!

Then, remove the large pivot pin(male and female parts) and separate the gun into 2 parts.

Locate the bolt stop on the LEFT side of the receiver. Find the small screw approx. 1 inch above the bolt stop lever. REMOVE this screw, being careful NOT to lose the small spring. The bolt stop will pull out of the bottom of the receiver.

Look at the top portion of the bolt stop. Approximate 1/4-inch from the top, you will see either a hole or where a pin was ground flush.

If you see a hole, things will be MUCH easier. This hole is 'stepped', having 2 diameters inside. From the FRONT portion of the bolt stop(side that faces the chamber), the hole is approximately 3/16ths in diameter, tapering to approximately 1/8ths in diameter.

Take the part to LOWE's, Home Depot, etc and find a 5/16ths-inch long roll pin the same diameter as the SMALLEST hole. Place the bolt stop in a padded vise and drive this roll pin in place, FRONT to BACK. The roll pin will collapse slightly, holding fast in the smaller hole. Drive in FLUSH with the back of the bolt stop. Dress down any protrusion on the BACK. From the front, approx 1/4-inch of the roll pin should protrude. This portion WILL activate the bolt stop when the follower rides up.

Now then, IF the pin has been ground off, place the bolt stop in a padded vice, and using a 1/16th punch, drive the stub out REAR to FRONT(remember the hole is tapered?). Then install the roll pin as indicated above.

Reinstall the bolt stop and screw. Reassemble rifle. Verify the bolt stop DOES work, using an EMPTY magazine.

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