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By serger

Other sources where to get Information on the Net

Over the past several years as my internet ability has gotten better I find myself constantly returning to a choice few sites to keep up with the progress of the FAL in the United States. Below you will find links to these sites and a little blurb why I like them.

Arizona Response Systems

ARS has been in the FAL building game since the start. Mark Graham the owner has forgotten more than most of us ever learn. He puts out a fine product and is one of the smiths recommended by the FAL Users Group. The neat thing about his site is he put out a shareware book on how to assemble FALís from kits. Heís asking $10.00 for the informational manual or $25.00 for the book and video. As a no nonsense guy that information is worth many times more than heís asking.


Brownells is the Premier Gunsmithing source in the US. They have everything you need to gunsmith firearms. They have been around longer than I have and thatís something.

Century Arms

Century is a gun peddler. They deal in mostly surplus weapons. They also have lots of parts for lots of guns. Iíve done business with them for years.

DSA Inc.

DSA has been building FALís for several years and they produce an American FAL. They are high in price but you get what you pay for. They are also the source for several nice things including but not limited to drop in replacement Hammer, Trigger, Sear sets to help make your Post Ban FAL Legal. They also sell a top cover with a built in stripper clip guide. Iíve got one and like it a lot. DSA has good drawings of several FALS.


This is an excellent Internet resource. They have several thousand members and just about everybody Iíve linked on this page have people who read the FN files and respond there. There is a huge base of people who correspond here and they range from FNGís (Fairly New Guys, sanitized version) to former Rhodesian Troopies to Current Gunsmiths to former Military gunsmiths of the FAL. If youíve got a question about the FAL, someone here will have the answer. They also have real good links. Go here first to start any searches about FAL stuff.


This company imports lots of parts and magazines for lots of weapons. They are quick, accurate and fair in their descriptions of they many products. If you need stuff for the FAL, AK, SKS, Nagant and other weapons, you might try looking here. They are Good People.


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