*Reloading in the Field*
By Mongrelcat

I read an article in the Rubicon pages for getting started reloading. I believe it was posted by slayer. This article recommended the Lee Anniversary Kit for basic reloading, as an inexpensive way to get started. This article is for the reloader who has this kit as a primary, or has graduated to a larger set and has a spare. The Lee kit as stated in the previous article is available for around $80.00. With a few deletions this can be made into a compact field kit. The contents will fit in a medium size camera bag, with room to spare for bullets, spare brass, and powder. To keep the package small, you will have to limit yourself to one or two calibers. Once again this kit is for camp and hunting, It is impractical to consider loading for battle weapons under these circumstances. You will need the following components:

1) powder scoops
2) trim and debur tool (hand held)
3) Lee press (small)
4) Primers
5) Dies (caliber specific)
6) Powder
7) Brass
8) Bullets
9) Case wax (small tin)
10) Funnel (or make one from paper)
11) Index card with load dope written on it

As you will notice there is no provision for weighing or dumping charges. The calibrated scoops will allow you to load for a variety of weights and charges. There has been discussion for years about weighed charges and volume charges, and valid arguments on each side. It is my experience that you can use a scoop and a card to level the powder with and get very consistent loads. This kit is not the end all for reloading, but for camp use or loading a few at the range, it is very serviceable. Maybe you can use this as a guide, and add or delete to suit your needs.


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