*Field Stripping the Bersa (Or Firestorm) .380*
By: eXe
17 September 2003

First off let me start by saying these instructions will work for both the Bersa Thunder .380 and the Firestorm .380 as they are made by the same company.

After seeing a great write up on the Bersa .380 right here by JonBot007 I figured I would write an article on how to take this firearm apart correctly.


Ok first lets start off with some basic safety, 
Remove the magazine by pushing on the magazine release button on the left hand side of the grip. 

Pull back on the slide and visually inspect the chamber to make sure the weapon is empty. 

Once you are sure the weapon  is empty slide the slide forward and drop the decocker/safety.

The main step to field stripping this firearm involves removing the slide, This is quite simple, While pulling the slide back, push down on the slide release lever located on the right hand side of the pistol.  

After you push down on this release, simply pull back a bit more and lift up the slide right off the rails. It should come off with little of no effort.

There is no further disassembly required but you may remove the hand grips if you like to better clean the frame (I do this every time as there is always build up and crud that you can reach better with the grips off) .

 The barrel can now be cleaned out along with frame internals, and slide. 

Once finished simply place the front of the barrel back into the slide, again depress the slide release and pull back on the slide. 

It should drop right back on the frame.   This can seem tricky at first but with practice it should slide on and off effortlessly.



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