*Field Stripping a SIG Sauer 226*
By: Boboroshi
28 October 2008

The SIG Sauer 226 is the pistol that was entered into the XM9 Service Pistol trials for the US Army. It and the Beretta 92 successfully completed the trials, but the Beretta won out on package price and became the standard issue sidearm for the US Army (as the M9). The Navy Seals took it up after issues with the Beretta in the field. For this demonstration we'll be using the SIG P226 Navy variation, which was a commemorative issue to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and made to the specifications of the units delivered to the Navy Seals. Unlike the early 226, it has a picatinny rail and a different finish on the slide (amongst other things). This particular model has Hogue grips as well.

This is a very easy pistol to strip, clean and reassemble. The SIG Sauer 228/229 is stripped in a very similar manner and these instructions should apply nicely there as well.

Gun safety is important. Before you begin, remove the magazine and clear the weapon. Nothing worse than a negligent discharge (warning: graphic photos).

So let's get going with our cleared firearm. Here is the pistol at resting:

First we lock the slide back by pulling the slide back as if charging the weapon and then pushing up the slide lock lever. You'll see the notch in the slide now resting above the

Next on the left side of the firearm, we flip down the slide release lever to release the slide and let the assembly move off of the frame of the pistol

The slide will now move forward off the frame

Here's the slide and frame separated:

The next steps involve taking apart the slide assembly. First we are going to remove the guide rod and recoil spring that holds the barrel and makes the slide function.

Next we remove the barrel. I generally push it forward a bit and then lift it out at an angle, like so:

Congrats! You've successfully field stripped your firearm. If you haven't cleaned it, you probably should. For reassembly, we go backwards!

Place the barrel back in the slide and seat it.

Place the guide rod and spring back. If you removed the spring during cleaning, make sure the colored part is at the end closest to the center of the slide.

Reassembled slide:

Seat the slide on the receiver assembly, slide it back and lock it. Return the slide release to the locked position. Your firearm is now ready to either charge or return to a storage position.


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