*How I carry 22 Rim Fire Bulk Ammo*
By: Forester
26 May 2004

We all like to buy 22 R Ammo in bulk. It is cheap and shoots ok.

So how do you carry it in the field? These boxes are ok but after some use, they fall apart and the lids are easy broken.




I have started using the boxes that Federal has for their gold medal 22 R F. Easy to load with the bulk 22 RF.

The tray slides out with a push and snaps into place with ease.



Using your finger push on the hole in the end with your finger.

In this Picture, the finger is in the hole in the end of the box.



Very easy to carry in your pocket or your ammo bag and the 22 RF stays secure in the box until you are ready to use.

Look for the high-end boxes being thrown away at you local gun club. I feel lucky to have so many 22 RF shooters in our club. Good shooting.

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