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By: By Brian
Glock Pistol Disassembly / Reassembly

The following is a break down of how to disassemble clean and reassemble a Glock pistol.

I. Unloading the Glock

1. Remove the magazine by pressing the Magazine Catch. (It may be necessary to pull the magazine from the weapon as they do not all drop out)

2. Pull the Slide back.

3. Inspect the chamber to ensure there is no ammunition in the chamber.

4. Allow the slide to spring forward.

5. Point the weapon in a safe direction.

6. Pull the trigger.

II. Disassembling the Glock pistol

1. Make sure the weapon is unloaded using the steps above.

2. Pull the slide back about 1/8. (If the slide is pulled back too far the trigger will move to the forward position. You will again need to fire the weapon to release the hammer and repeat step 2 again.

3. Pull the slide lock down.

4. Push the slide forward and remove it from the receiver.

5. Push the recoil spring assembly forward and up a little bit. Caution: The spring is under tension

6. Push the barrel forward a little bit and lift up on the back end of it.

7. Pull backwards and remove the barrel from the Slide

III. Lubricating

1. Wipe the outside of the barrel with a patch dampened with gun oil.

2. Wipe the slide in front of the ejection port.

3. Lubricate the area of the slide that the barrel slides through.

4. Use one drop of oil to lubricate each of the slide rails.

5. A drop of oil should be placed where the back of the trigger bar touches the contactor. (Located in the right rear corner of the frame).

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