*My ĎGo Toí Rem 700*
By: gogetumnow
05 October 2004

I have decided to put together a "go to" type rifle. The rifle will be the rifle I pick up as Iím running out the door of my house for an unknown reason. I may be gone for 1 hour, I may be gone for 1 month, I may never return home. Itís not a rifle to specifically go fight for a cause, harvest game, defend myself or family, but it may be called upon to do any of the above tasks. Itís not a rifle for any specific purpose other than to be there when I need it. We all know the best weapon is the one you currently have in your possession, not the one left at home.

With this in mind, I have selected the Remington 700 ADL in caliber 30-06. I have placed a Nikon Monarch UCC 3x9x40 on a Leupold 1pc mount. I have selected this weapon for this task for the following reasons. (which is not to say I donít have other rifles for other _specific_ tasks)

* Low Profile: "Yes commandant, this is just my olí deer rife."
* Common Caliber: 30-06
* Versatile Caliber: I can shoot 100 - 220gn projectiles, jacketed or cast.
* 30 caliber weapon: able to effectively dispatch just about anything within reason.
* Reasonable price: $379 + tax.
* Synthetic stock: it can get wet.
* Lightweight barrel: itís more packable.
* Bolt action: Itís lightweight, simple, accurate, and reliable.
* Itís parkerized: low glare.
* Scope, I like iron sights, but it shoot better with a scope.

With this in mind, I discovered another advantage of the "cheap" ADL stock. After removal of the recoil pad I noted a barn sized amount of unused space in the butt stock. (Remington puts a piece of foam type shipping padding in there so it doesnít sound so hollow) I donít plan on accessing the contents regularly unless itís an emergency. I decided to put stuff in there that if you really need it, you really need it.

I have put the following in the butt in double ziplock bags wrapped in packing tape. This in turn keeps everything really secure.


* The iron sites that came with the rifle - If I ever need them there in here and I can attach them.

* Strike anywhere matches
* Bic Ligher
* 100yds 10lb fishing line (wrapped around lighter)
* 10ft medical tape (wrapped around ligher)
* 3 Fish hooks
* 1 bar of hotel sized soap
* Medications: Benedryl, Ibuprofen, Tums.
* 1 set M16 GI cleaning rods w/ patch holder
* 3 Emergency rounds 30-06
* Pencil
* 3 Alcohol Preps
* 2 Mini Packets Neosproin
* 3 Band Aids

Itís pretty full in there now. Thereís not much room for anything else.

Donít overlook the ADL series of Remington 700ís. While some high brow folks may scoff at the rugged utilitarian nature of this rifle, I embrace it. Itís inexpensive, comes with iron sights standard, is based on the legendary 700 action, and has all this extra kit space in the buttstock. Whatís not to like?

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