*Gun Cleaning Kit*


By Jaden

19 June 2004


I used to keep my entire gun cleaning supplies in a .50 caliber ammo can. The only problem was organization. Everything was free to float around. I’d have to dig and look for the right bore brush, dig and look for this, dig and look for that. For Christmas Nerisa got me a nice fishing tackle box. I opened my present and wondered… "Why did she get me a tackle box, I’ve already got one." Then she informed me it was for gun cleaning supplies. WOOHOO!

This box is made by Plano

Let’s open it up-

In the top tray I keep a toothbrush and an acid brush. Haven’t figured out what to fill the rest with.

Need more stuff

The trays expand up-

2nd tray is empty too…really need more stuff

In the 3rd tray I keep my patches, bore brushes, Q-tips & rod tips. In the bottom I keep the bore cleaner, lubricant and various rods.

I’m thinking about throwing in some basic tools such as a couple of small screwdrivers and pliers…just incase.

I like this box, although it’s not full, everything is organized and no more digging and looking. It works great.


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