*Browning Hi Power (P35) Field Stripping*
By serger


The Hi Power is one of the best and longest living 9mm Pistols out there. It has been in production since 1935 after being developed in the late 1920ís and was fielded by both the Germans and British as front line service pistols during the Second World War. Many countries adopted it and it has been a standard for police departments and personal use for decades. You would be hard pressed to go anywhere in the world and not encounter examples of this fine pistol.

This weekend I finally broke down and decided to clean one of mine and Iím sad to say I found a little corrosion in the barrel

Yes indeed that is a rusty barrel. You get it from firing cheap Egyptian 9mm ammunition that was made in the 50ís But never fear the barrel on this pistol is hard chromed and I didnít do any damage to it. The pistol in question is an FM HI POWER from Argentina where they have been making them for something like 40 years under license from Fabrique Nationale out of Belgium. Century International Arms imported this one when they were still in Vermont. Theyíve since moved to Boca Raton Florida.



To field strip the pistol is a very straightforward process.

  1. Remove the magazine by depressing the magazine release.
  2. Retract the slide and place the thumb safety into the second notch.
  3. Raise the slide stop until it clears the frame cut out and press it until it clears the frame. Then pull it free from the frame.
  4. Then hold the slide and release the thumb safety and pull the slide from the frame. Once the slideís off the frame then lift the barrel and recoil spring assembly from the slide. The pistolís now field stripped.


One thing to note, when you get ready to put the pistol back together, remember to orient the cutout on the barrel with the one on the recoil spring guide. They are offset and you can re assemble the pistol with the part backwards. When you do that you damage the gun. (ask me how I know)


Thatís a pictorial of one of the easiest pistols there is to clean (Provided of course You clean them).

Thanks for the read.


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