* Hi Power (model P35) a brief history *
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The Browing Hi Power or Model 35 was designed in the 1920ís with the first prototype in 1926 and began production in 1935 hence the designation P35. With World War Two and the Nazi occupation of Belgium , they produced the weapon throughout the war. Some copies of the pistol were smuggled out and sent to Canada. The John Inglis Company out of Toronto Canada back engineered these pistols and made them for the Nationalist Chinese and Canadian governments. They were milled out for a shoulder stock and had sights that ranged out to 500 yards .

After WWII Fabrique Nationale sold the pistol in licensee form to anybody who wanted it. There were many takers. The list included Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain and all the common wealth countries, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Netherlands and Taiwan to name a few. The pistols are very well distributed world wide.

Along with the licensed copies there are many clones that are identical that one can find without much looking.

As for the rest of this article, let's get to the detailed meat of the matter!

HiPower Field Stripping

HiPower Detailed Slide Stripping

HiPower Detailed Frame Stripping

Hi Power (model P35) exploded Drawing

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