*Kahr Pistols*
By: Goshin

A relatively little-known line of handguns by Kahr includes several excellent choices for concealed carry weapons in .40 and 9mm.  A feature worth noting is the absence of sharp edges or snag-points, a bonus for concealed carry.

Kahr handguns are accurate, reliable, rugged, and reasonable in price.  They are Double-Action-Only semiautos with single-column magazines.  In tests, 2" to 3" groups at 25yards were common.  Trigger pull is moderate length and weight, about 7 lbs.  Action type is trigger-cocking DAO, locked breech, Browning-type recoil lug, passive striker block, no magazine disconnect or manual safety.

The .40 cal line includes the K40, P40, K40 covert, and MK40, plus variations.

The K40 is matte stainless, 3.5" bbl, 4.5" height, 24 oz. weight, wraparound soft polymer grips, low-profile bar-dot sights (tritium night-sights optional), 6+1 capacity, comes with 2 magazines.

Most of the other Kahr .40 handguns are variations on the K40.  The P40 has a polymer frame and 16 oz weight. The K40 "Covert" has a shortened grip and 5+1 capacity for improved concealment, but comes with an "extended" 6 round magazine in addition to the 5-round.   The K40 Wilson Custom has a black-teflon slide and is custom-"tuned".  The K40 Elite98 has a polished slide and lighter, shorter trigger pull.

The MK40 is the subcompact version, 3" bbl, 5+1 capacity, 4" height, 23 oz., but otherwise nearly identical to the K40, simply shorter in the slide and grip.  There is a MK40 Elite 98 version also.

The 9mm line includes the K9, P9, MK9, and variations like the K40-series: Wilson Custom and Elite 98.

The K9 has 7+1 capacity, and is otherwise effectively identical to the K40.  The P9 is the polymer-frame version, and the MK9 is the subcompact.

Accessories include tritium night-sights; "big-dot" bar-dot tritium nightsights; stainless steel guide rods; ported barrels; wooden grips; extra magazines; and a variety of holsters.

Two small problems are notable regarding Kahr firearms.  Ejected casings typically have a slight denting near the top; and ejecting an unfired round to unload the weapon requires pulling back and "wiggling" the slide to avoid the round "sticking"; neither of these quirks has been seen to affect shooting performance/reliability however.

Retail price of Kahr handguns, as of Mar 2001, typically ranges from $450 to $550.


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