*The Kel-tec P32*

By Stryder

26 May 2004

Most, or at least many of us, carry a weapon all the time. There are a number of preferred CCW weapons among the group, Glock and Kahr are probably the tops on the list among the consistent carry group, and various S&W models probably come in third. But there are times when all those choices are too big and a truly small CCW choice is needed. That is when the Kel-tec P32 is probably the best choice. Very small and light the P32 is chambered for the .32 Auto cartridge and will accept +P ammo, though not on a regular basis. It is a locked breech, DAO design. The weapon is made of 4140 steel, 7075-T6 aluminum and Dupont ST-8018 polymer and weighs in at 9oz. loaded with 7+1 plus one in the pipe using Federal 65 gr. Hydra-Shok jacketed hollow points which is my preferred factory load for this gun. That makes it about even with the CRKT Crawford/Kasper 3.75" folder that I carry all the time, which weighs in at 7.2oz. It is 5 inches long, 3.5 inches high and of an inch thick. Your mileage on this will, of course vary greatly, but the P32 is usually available new for right around $300. It is a weapon designed as a backup for police officers or for concealed carry and it works very WELL. Call it a mouse gun (small as a mouse) or a nose gun (small caliber so stick it up their nose and pull the trigger) it really is the perfect choice.

The P32 comes standard with a 7 round magazine. That makes it small and very light but if you have big hands there is not a lot to get your hand around as you can see in the left-hand picture. A 10 round extended magazine is available that works much better for large hands as you see on the right..



And talk about an easy conceal! It cannot be beat in my mind. With a wrist holster, under any long sleeve shirt or jacket, in an ankle holster, in a pocket, or with the belt clip and no holster this is an EASY weapon to carry and conceal.

In a Wrist Holster

IWB or OWB with a belt-clip

In an Ankle Holster


Breakdown of this weapon is also a snap. First - Unload the weapon. Then be sure the P-32 is unloaded. Next, while holding the slide back, pull the assembly pin from the right side of the weapon. This pin can often be pulled just with a fingernail, or if not use the lip of a spent cartridge. Push the slide back slightly, then while holding the slide firmly, pull it forward and off the frame. Remove the recoil spring and the barrel and the weapon is field stripped. BE CAREFUL of the small wedge in the front of the weapon that holds the front of the recoil spring. This is only pressure fit into the front of the slide and has a tendency to fall out and is so small it gets lost easily.




Assembly is, of course, the reverse.

Remember that the weapon you are carrying on you when trouble pops up is always a better choice than the weapon that is still in the gun safe at home.

Now get out there and train!!

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