*Knife vs. Entrenching Tool*
A real life survival story
By: Gordonnach
24 June 2008

As some of you know, we have three sons. One is ours and two are foster sons. At this point of time, they are in the 15 thru 16-year range. Being relatively normal kids – at times they drive us thru the wall with all that teenage stuff.

So my beloved and myself schedule time to be together alone and we love the beaches of Oregon and southwest Washington.

So we use a friend's cottage. Our friend, Jack lets us use it when we can get away from the boys for a weekend.

Last night after a lovely time with my wife on the beach with a bonfire etc A roaring fire, a blanket, a good bottle of wine and the stars

Life can be very good.

As we basked in the good feelings and walked arm in arm up the lane....

this young fool jumps out of the bushes with a knife and starts yelling about give me your ...

I had an old army entrenching tool in my right hand so I brained him.

The knife flew; the 15yr old boy was dazed, bleeding. So what do I do? I sat him up and applied pressure to his head. What can I say I’m a Doc.

My beloved called the Leo of this small seaside town and we all waited together.

His mom got there before the cops, yelling, screaming etc. about her poor boy, lawyers and brain damage.

My wife tried to calm her down, as the local authorities arrived. He separated all parties

I explained my version to the officer.

Mom was screaming about how I beat her son to the ground etc (lots of profanity). Now no one phoned her so I think she was in on the mugging. “Let’s roll some tourists for bread” (I related my suspicions to the officer)

The LEO found the knife. The boy got a ride to the jail infirmary and mom got a ride to lockup for drunk & disorderly. It seems that mom & son are well known around there.

All well that ends well

What I have learned :
ya know - I was not expecting anything to occur.
I had been on that lane hundreds of times, I just did not have my sensors out - I was too busy basking in the glory of the night and my beloved. ( Murphy loves to test us)

But honest it was just reflex to brain him. It worked so the bottom line is great. Good to know some of my reflexes are intact.

Note: he went down so quick. In hindsight, I was expecting him to be whacked a couple more times before being down and out. High on drugs maybe?

I guess there is a new adage:
”Beware of fat old men with entrenching tools “

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