I would appreciate any information you could supply on M14 rifle marked Maunz rifle serial no. #3xx.. Right side of receiver is marked Toledo Ohio and the stock in marked USMC Camp Perry. The rifle appears to be of excellent workmanship and function is flawless.. Any information pertaining to this or other M14's so marked would be appreciated..

No one in our gun club is familiar with this weapon, your mentioning it in your article on the Garand is the only time I have ever seen the name in print.. In your article you did not comment on the Maunz.

The actions were manufactured by Smith when they were still in PA. Maunz was a Marine master builder that built less than 250 rifles after he retired for the Corps. By buying actions in quantity he was able to have the actions private label marked. Smith also used to make actions for Springfield and a couple of others. Have owned one of them that I still regret selling. You only usually see them at Camp Perry at the national matches. All of the ones that I have seen have superb triggers in them. Usually breaking at 3 pounds and crisp as glass! They are also made up with military parts and not reproduction parts. Most of the used ones being sold are either by the descendants of somebody that died or because they are totally wore out after the 10th or so barrel replacement! If you have the chance to buy one, hope somebody died and buy it!

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