*Ruger Mark II Takedown*
By: 16 November 2003

As with ALL firearms of any kind safety is first and foremost. When handling any firearm whether it is to shoot, display, or just cleaning and repairing, ANY firearm should warrant maximum safety of all that are around the weapon, using or handling the firearm. Make sure the WEAPON IS UNLOADED…. There is no excuse for improper handling of any weapon especially when there are others around that could be injured.

A word to the wise should be sufficient in this matter.

This Ruger of mine has a 6" bull barrel with a custom target rubber grip for better feel and fit. This pistol has a target trigger, adjustable target sights, which I recommend for better accuracy. This has a 10 shot magazine with one in the chamber. I recommend that you get all the magazines you will need to make use in the field a lot quicker by having all the mags you may need already loaded. The Ruger is a good weapon for the price and a lot of accessories are available for it.

In Pic 1 is a general view of the pistol with 3 magazines. The factory magazines are cheap and readily



available at gun shows or your local gun shops. In Pic 2 you will see the release (circled) at the rear of the grip that can be pulled back with a small screwdriver. This will need to be lifted back and up to remove the retaining piece that holds the complete weapon together, watch how the hammer pivot mounts to this piece when you remove this retainer as to will have trouble with re-assembly if you do not know how this pivot mounts. When this retainer is back and all the way up then pull down on this retainer to remove the retainer from the weapon, as it is all one piece.


You will see in Pic 3 the rear slide and a close up of the retainer pin that holds the barrel and slide in place. Then remove the bolt assembly, which just slides out, put it aside. Then get a hammer and a piece of wood to remove the complete barrel from the frame or a plastic mallet. The wood is to be hit on so as not to mar the barrel itself. The barrel assembly is just slid onto the frame from a catch in the front of the frame. All you need to do is put the wood at the rear of the barrel and give it a sharp rap forward to dis-lodge the barrel from the frame as you can see in Pic 4.

This weapon can be cleaned very easy at this point as all the internal parts are visible to spray off with a good degreaser, I am partial to the Brakekleen brand of fluid spray as it works well on all weapons to clean and degrease with. I am a fan of only using graphite to lube all my weapon parts as graphite does not collect dirt and cleans easily.

The reverse procedure is easy to do you just have to watch that the hammer pin in the rear slot is in the correct position, or you will not be able to get the retainer back in to lock down into position. With a little practice you will get it down and be able to do it quick. In Pic 5 is the completed weapon.

I hope this helps you to be able to dis-assemble this weapon and gain more knowledge on how to field strip the Mark II.


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