*Why weapons are better than Women/Men*

Back in the days of the Old style Bulletin Board Services (BBS) I ran a Survival BBS in West Virginia... many people you see on the Survival circuit today were "online" back then too. Frugal Squirrel and I used to haunt the "Point Mudge BBS" in Washington State when you had to make a long distance call to download files and talk to other survivalists. Those days are pretty much gone, but I still like the way the old style BBS's were "user interactive". It was much like a chat room setting where you could live-talk or leave messages to each other and discuss survival topics or just plain have fun. Some of the better discussion topics from the various discussion groups I saved. This is one I saved over several days... users kept it alive for a LONG time, adding one line or two everyday, I compiled them and now, years later, here they are again, offered in the spirit of fun... feel free to E-mail me YOUR addition and I will add them to the list!

From: SunShine #6 @3 VirtualNET
Title: mini 14
just got a butler creek stock for my mini 14, the difference between my gun and my girl friend is i dont have to take my p90 to the olive garden for some action :)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, also, your gun doesn't get mad if you have other guns. Or if you put it in the closet while you play with another gun.
sWaMp tHaNg

Or if you cheat on it with some other man's gun.
REDHEAD -Sysop- BnI; Co-Sysop- ALPHA I

Your gun NEVER has a headache!

And your gun is ALWAYS dressed up and ready to "go."
REDHEAD-Sysop (Alpha II); co-sysop (Alpha I)

Guns don't look you up in a month...
Guns don't worry about people walking in...
You can share a gun with your friends...
Guns don't care if they wake the kids.
A weapon doesnt have a mother.
A weapon doesn't run off with your credit cards.
A weapon doesn't gain 5-7 pounds a year.
A weapon doesn't need a lawyer or want alimony.
A weapon doesn't need "closet space".
A weapon doesn't complain about how you drive.
Big, Fat, Strong weapons are fun to play with.
A weapon doesn't complain when you take it somewhere.
A weapon won't ask to borrow your car (or bring it back dented).
A weapon never leaves its shells draped over the shower curtain rod.
A weapon can pop 10-30 times before it needs a rest.
Everyone can have a pretty weapon.
Sniper ------==>

And it don't even mind if you talk about it when it's all over.
or if you're loading another gun. :)

If you take a gun out just to look at it, but then decide to fire it, the gun won't accuse you of Date Rape.
You can have a gun in public.
If you take a gun home at night, it still looks the same in the morning.
If your gun is too loud you can buy a silencer.
Guns don't care how many other guns you've played with.
Guns don't care if you look at other guns, or buy gun magazines.
If your gun is misaligned you don't have to talk politics to correct it.
You can have a black gun and still show it to your parents.
you don't have to be jealous of the guy that works on your gun.
Your parents don't remain in touch with your old gun when you dump it.
You can use a gun as long as you want and it won't get sore.
Your gun never wants a night out alone with the other guns.

Your weapon doesn't care how Fat or lazy you get.
Your weapon will NEVER tell you to turn off the "fists of fury" theatre on Saturday afternoon.

You don't have to wonder if your gun's offspring is really yours.
It's never "that time of the month" for a weapon.
If you conceal your gun, it doesn't feel "used" and cry for days.
REDHEAD-Sysop (Alpha II); co-sysop (Alpha I)

A weapon won't bitch about leaving the toilet seat up.

With a weapon, a bigger bore is better!
Sniper ------==>

If a gun is real good looking, other guns don't hate it.
Guns don't shop.
Guns never feel the need to examine your relationship.
No gun EVER bought a Kenny G or a Hootie & the blow fish album.
Guns don't let magazine articles run their lives.
Guns don't snoop through your wallet, desk, or the back of your sock drawer.
Guns have no use for flowers, cards or jewelery.
Guns don't borrow your shirt.
Guns can't talk.

Weapons don't get wrinkles.
sWaMp tHaNg

Your weapon's butt never gets middle age spread.
MERC (From da swamps of LA)


I am wondering how longs it will be before the womens be wanting equal time on this subject? Something like:

You knows your weapon is a snubby BEFORE you takes it home.
MERC (From da swamps of LA)

A weapon is hard ALL the time. :)

A gun won't get you pregnant and leave you to live off of welfare.

A gun doesn't start without you : ) You can control what comes out of a gun's muzzle, even in public. You can know EXACTLY what causes a gun to go off, when to expect it and exactly what 'triggered' it. AnnieO.

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